Breanna Sheehan

Breanna Sheehan, 5 years before The Disaster, as seen in Ep. 13: Questions.

Director of New Projects[1] at HPlus Nano Teoranta, Breanna is an executive who often acts as the company's face and voice to the media and to prospective investors/partners, such as Mortle Systems.  She is married to Conall Sheehan, though their marriage has problems, by her own admission.[2] Her parents,Dixon Peters and Slaine Fitzgibbon Peters, founded HPlus Nano Teoranta[3], and Francis Peters is her half brother by her father.[4]  She originally offered Kenneth Lubahn a job with HPlus Nano Teoranta,[5] and later developed a close working relationship, friendship, and eventually love affair with him.[6] [7]

Less than a year before it happened, she and her husband approached a young Indian woman, Leena Param, in the hopes of having her be a surrogate mother for their child.[8]

On the day it happened, Breanna confronted Conall over his affair with Leena. Conall then confronted her over her affair with Kenneth, apparently for the first time since the affair happened three years prior.  She left, driving to the coast, when she was contacted by Kenneth[9] and told to get out of reception range[10].  She has not been heard from or seen since it happened.  Her status is currently unknown.