46 Ancillary(Full)

Character web, as seen on the interactive timeline.

The Character Web is an extra available through the interactive timeline which shows connections between the characters in H+: The Digital Series.[1] [2]


From the interactive timeline, the character web can be found at Rome, Italy 2 years after The Event, associated with Episode 46: Sacred Science.



The web is composed of characters and the three companies in the series, with numbered lines connecting them. The lines have arrows which may be on one or both ends, depending on the connection. There is a legend explaining the line numbers as follows:

  1. Plot
  2. Spawn
  3. Bond
  4. Lapse
  5. Hire
  6. Fight
  7. Rule


The three gray squares represent the companies Lord Pearce Wachter (LoPeWa), HPlus Nano Teoranta (HpNt), and Mortle Systems (MoSy).


Characters in the series are represented by circles of various colors (possibly related to their importance) with a character's initials. The first initial is not capitalized, with one exception being Vadish. Characters are represented as follows:


1. PlotEdit

These connections are mostly obvious to the story line, and give little insight other than to say "there is a connection in the story between these two elements". However, it is interesting to note where 1 is used where it might have been assumed that 7 would be, leading to further clues about power structures. For example it is used to connect Gurveer and Francis Peters, though from their conversations Francis Peters seems to be over Gurveer.

2. SpawnEdit

Assuming that "2. Spawn" means one element started or gave birth to the other element:

3. BondEdit

Based on the characters connected in this way, "bond" implies a romantic attachment between the following:

4. LapseEdit

It is unclear as yet what exactly is implied by "lapse". It may be a prior alliance or friendship that has lapsed, as it connects the following elements:

  • Lord Pearson Wachter and HPlus Nano Teoranta
  • Jason O'Brien and Kenneth Lubahn

5. HireEdit

This is fairly obvious, but does give us clues to power structure, though different than "7.Rule". It shows the following:

6. FightEdit

Only two fights are listed on the map:

  • Jason O'Brien fights HPlus Nano
  • Rob Boston fights Kenneth Lubahn

7. RuleEdit

The exact definition for rule here is not specified, but implies a control or power of one party over another as follows:

  • Patricio Raiz rules Simona Rossi
  • Simona Rossi rules Matteo Spina
  • LPW rules Topi, Manta, and Babu (b)
  • Gurveer rules Vadish, Leena, Conall, and Breanna
  • Jason rules Anthony

Other thoughtsEdit

Not every connection has been verified or explained in the series as of yet, such as Breanna and Francis Peters' family ties, or who the (b) represents that is connected to LPW and Topi. Some connections also seem incorrect, such as Kenneth being hired by Mortle in the web, but saying in the series that he worked for HPlus Nano Teoranta. Similarly, Breanna is the head of new projects at HPNT and yet there is no connection between them, only a 1 connecting her to Mortle.

Some seemingly important characters to the series are not included, such as Mutumbo, the surviving soldier that was born in Dunbara or any of Jason's neo-Luddites.

Francis Peters seems to have much control and power over everyone around him, though is not connected to any by 7.