Dr. Y. Gurveer

Dr. Y. Gurveer, seven years before The Disaster, as seen in Ep. 39: Long Term Benefits.

Dr. Y. Gurveer is an Indian physician, and was a part of the LPW reserach and development team that created the LPW Microchip Implant, along with Francis Peters, Manta, Ichiro, and others.

5 months before it happened, he worked as a doctor at Pintok Hospital in Mumbai, India. He facilitated the contact of Conall and Breanna Sheehan with Leena Param, as a possible surrogate mother for their child.

After it happened, Dr. Gurveer had plans to take Vadish to Godshand, which he believed had the resources necessary to continue work on the child.  He asked Leena if he could take the child, under the pretence of reuniting him with his biological parents.  Leena agreed on the condition that Gurveer take her with him.  He abandoned Leena in Turkey and continued on with Vadish.

Later, while working with Vadish beneath the Vatican, he was found by Topi, who demanded that Dr. Gurveer revive Manta from the catatonic state she'd entered due to withdrawal from her deactivated implant.  Dr. Gurveer claimed that only Vadish would be able to heal her.