Driving under
episode 01
chapter 1
timeline 5 minutes before
written by John Cabrera & Cosimo de Tommaso
directed by Stewart Hendler
release date August 8, 2012
running time 6:43
previous episode none
next episode

On Their Level

"Driving Under" is the first episode of Chapter 1 and the first episode of "H+: The Digital Series". It was released together with the next episode, On Their Level.

In the future, one third of the world's population has a nanoscopic neuroprosthetic called the HPlus Implant, which wirelessly connects the mind to the Internet 24 hours a day. A couple is parking in an underground garage when something strange happens.


The episode opens with a series of news clips and commercials giving background information on HPlus Nano Teoranta, Mortle Systems and those who criticize their work.

The episode moves to "5 minutes before it happenedLee and Julie Martin are driving through a parking garage at SFO looking for a parking space.  As they are searching for a space that shows "love for hydrogen", they are passed by Francesca and Simona Rossi. While rounding a corner Lee almost hits a man (Kenneth Lubahn) running through the garage. Julie realizes that Lee has been using his Hplus to watch a sports game while driving and they argue over it.

As Lee and Julie move towards a set of elevators to go up to the airport, they see a group of people around the elevator suddenly collapse. Another man runs toward them and when he gets close, he also collapses.  The two hear an increasing whining noise and Julie asks if it is an airplane. Lee holds her close and something crashes into a section of the parking garage.



The marquees next to the elevator display the word “CONNECTED”. Prior to the incident they are blue and steady; afterward they are red and erratic.

Bloopers and continuity errorsEdit


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