Francis Peters

A hallucination of Francis Peters, as seen by Manta.

Francis Peters was employed by the Lord Pearce Wachter company some years before it happened in the research and development of a microchip similar to in function, but predating the HPlus Implant.  He worked with Manta, Dr. Y. Gurveer, Ichiro, and others in this process, and at some point enlisted villagers of Dunbara, Republic of Congo, in their tests.

His face is hidden or obscured for much of the series, and he is usually identified by his damaged right hand, which he broke punching a wall while testing the LPW microchip.

Breanna Sheehan's maiden name indicates that Peters and Breanna are half-siblings, related through their father, Dixon Peters, though this relationship has not been mentioned yet in the series.

Though he is implied to be a leader of the group trying to use Vadish to remove the LPW chip, Topi believes that his ambitions related to the child and the chip go beyond that, and even Gurveer admited that he no longer knew what Peters wanted.