This device is a nanoscopicneuroprosthetic brain-computer interface, developed by HPlus Nano Teoranta, that provides a human brain with a computer's storage and data retrieval, a wireless connection to the internet, and a heads up display/operating system that the user "sees" in their own visual field and interacts with using their hands or thoughts.   Approximately one-third of the human population has these implants.

The device is based, in part, on the earlier n54 medical implant, and can serve many of the same medical monitoring functions, in addition to its more recreational uses (listening to music, watching videos, etc...).  The Sheehans had their surrogate mother, Leena Param, implanted with an HPlus implant so that they could monitor her, and their unborn child's, health throughout the pregnancy.

A group of empolyees of the Lord Pearce Wachter company, led by Francis Peters, uploaded a viral program into Mortle Systems' global network that infected any H+ implant connected at the time; anyone infected by this virus collapsed and died within moments.