Jason O'Brien

Jason, 8 years before The Disaster, as seen in Ep. 37: Gross Figure


Years before The Disaster, Jason was a blogger who made money by volunteering for medical experiments with various companies. 8 years before it happened, Jason suffered an adverse reaction to an experiment with the Lord Pearce Wachter company, involving the injection of nanotechnology into his body. Due to the experiment, he could "barely lift [his] arms and legs" and his "chest almost collapsed."¹ He unsuccessfully tried to negotiate a multi-million dollar settlement with LPW.  As of three years before it happened, Jason needed a powered frame to move his limbs with any degree of freedom. He was also the leader of a neo-Luddite group advocating the destruction of most advanced technology. He and his group kidnapped Kenneth Lubahn three years before it happened, intending to convince him to join his group, using him to find Gods Hand. Kenneth later escaped, approximately two weeks before it happened. Jason and his followers tracked Kenneth down, intending to hold him accountable for his involvement in the development of the HPlus Implant and subsequent deaths in The Disaster.