Julie Martin

Julie Martin, 45 minutes after The Disaster, as seen in Ep. 8: Makeshift Engineering

 Husband of Lee Martin and mother of Brian Martin, Julie and her husband were on their way to a vacation in Chile on the day of The Disaster.  They were deep in the parking structure of San Francisco Airport when it happened, just far enough out of wireless range to avoid the effects of the virus.  When Lee saw people collapsing, he rushed forward, intending to help.  He then collapsed under the effects of the virus, but Julie successfully dragged him out of wireless range before the virus could kill him.

Kenneth Lubahn tried to save Lee, but was unsuccessful, and Julie had difficulty dealing with his death, refusing to move his body for almost a day after he died.  Francesca Rossi and Kenneth successfully convinced her to move his body for health reasons.  Later, her son Brian came to the airport and they were reunited.

After leaving the airport successfully, Julie and Brian decided to stay in Northern California, letting the rest of the group move on without them.