Kenneth Lubahn

Kenneth, just after The Disaster, as seen in Ep. 8: Makeshift Engineering

One of the main developers of the HPlus Implant, and former employee of HPlus Nano Teoranta.  Kenneth is a talented software programmer and engineer, having built robots from spare parts with his father as a child.  At some point before it happened, Kenneth developed an Operating System that "changed the way people interacted with the internet." 

Breanna Sheehan offered him a job with HPlus Nano Teoranta 5 years before it happened, and recruited him for R&D on the HPlus Implant.  The two established a close working relationship, later becoming friends and eventually lovers.  He later worked with Dr. Patricio Raiz on the implant in Chile, and studied Simona Rossi while at the facility.  Kenneth eventually had himself implanted with one of the prototype HPlus Implants and began to have dreams inolving a young Simona.  He began to suffer from feelings of guilt and depression, and eventually denounced the new device he had put years of work into developing.

He was eventually kidnapped and held captive by a group of Neo-Luddites under the leadership of Jason O'Brien.  Held hostage by the group for years, he eventually convinced the group he was their ally and managed to escape shortly before it happened.

Very shortly before it happened, Kenneth contacted Breanna and told her to get out of reception range, so that she would not succumb to the virus.

Shortly after it happened, he kept a small group of people from dying, and escaped San Franciso airport with a group of people including Simona and her daughter, Francesca Rossi.  They eventually made their way to Alaska in an attempt to create some kind of cure for the virus that caused The Disaster, but were captured and detained by Jason.

Kenneth, working with Simona, was able to use her special abilities in combination with the LPW nanotechnology infecting Jason to cure the world of the virus.  As HPlus Implants seem to function normally in the years following, his cure appears to have been successful.