LPW Microchip Implant

The microchip recovered from the wrist of the Snow Viper, as seen in Ep. 9: The Snow Viper.

These microchips were designed by a research and development team employed by the Lord Pearce Wachter company at least nine years before it happened.  This group included Francis Peters, Dr. Y. Gurveer, Ichiro and others.  All of the members of the research team were implanted with the device, bearing a telltale scar on their right wrist.

These devices share at least some functions with the HPlus Implant, including data storage, display of an operating system in the user's visual field, wireless communication both with other chips and with computer networks including but not limited to the internet.  They also share some of the medical functions that the HPlus implant has.  The chip can monitor and even change its user's adrenaline levels.  Peters, when in negotiations with a tribal leader in Dunbara, Republic of Congo, to implant his tribe with these chips, claimed that "The health of [the] tribe will increase tenfold... your strength, efficiency. No weapon will defend you better than this little implant."[1]  The full extent of its capabilities are currently unknown. The implant operates in a way that made it immune to the virus, but it is unknown whether or not this was by design.

After the virus was cured by Kenneth Lubahn, when those implanted with the LPW microchip came within 53.97 meters of someone with a functioning HPlus Implant[2], the LPW implant would shut off.  Gurveer claimed that the HPlus Implants were attempting to hack the LPW Implants, which shut themselves off as a defense mechanism.  However, those implanted with them began to suffer withdrawal-like symptoms and eventually entered into a catatonic state after prolonged deactivation of their implants.