Lord Pearce Wachter logo

Lord Pearce Wachter company logo, as seen in the H+ Test Subject Introductory Video .

Lord Pearce Wachter, or LPW, was a security and research contractor before The Disaster. They operated labs, military bases, and prisons around the world.  They "... recruited eager young minds to research and develop some of their least ethical projects."  They also subcontracted testing from biotech companies such as HPlus Nano Teoranta; LPW conducted medical trials for the N54 on behalf of HPlus Nano Teo.¹

7 years before it happened, a group of LPW employees headed by Francis Peters, and including Dr. Y. Gurveer, Manta, and others were researching a microchip implanted into the wrist that seems to have similar capabilities as the HPlus Implant.  It also seems to be able to effect adrenal levels, and Peters claimed that it would increase strength, efficiency, and health in those implanted.  The group conducted research and experiments on a group of villagers in Dunbara, in Republic of the Congo, then later destroyed the village to cover up the evidence.