Simona Rossi

Simona Rossi, as seen during her time with HPlus Nano Teoranta, as seen in HPlus extra content.

An Italian woman who was famous as a child for seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary.  She later devleoped other prophetic visions that were related to various events in her life, such as the death of her husband, and The Disaster.  These visions troubled her as an adult, to the point that she turned to HPlus Nano Teoranta for medical testing and implantation to find a medical reason for her visions, and a cure if possible.  Dr. Patricio Raiz and Kenneth Lubahn worked with her during the research and development of the HPlus Implant.

She encountered Kenneth again, on the day of The Disaster, while traveling with her daughter, Francesca Rossi, at the San Francisco Airport. They traveled together afterwards, through the United States and Canada, eventually reaching the Data Station in Alaska.

Upon reaching the Data Station, she, Francesca, and Kenneth were captured by Jason O'Brien who was still obsessed with finding Godshand.  However, Kenneth was somehow able to make use of Simona's gifts, in tandem with their HPlus Implants, to take control of the nanotechnology that was still causing Jason's physical disabilities. He then used these nano-bots to reverse the effects of the virus.  Although billions were dead, HPlus could once again be used safely.