Topi, 7 years before The Disaster, as seen in Ep 3: Prophetess

Topi was a Finnish police officer, working for the Digital Crime Unit in Helsinki. Seven years before the it happened, he had been assigned to find one of the leaders of a group of hackers. His target went by the alias "Prophetess." He went undercover to discover her identity, posing as an admirer of her work as a hacker using the screen name Topi274. He met Prophetess, a.k.a. Manta , on a date. They entered into a relationship for a number of months, but were both deceiving the other as to their true motives. Manta knew he was a police officer, but had some interest in his work, and had been planted to monitor him while he attempted to investigate her.

Three years before it happened, Topi discovered the nature of her research, her relationship with the LPW company.  He found her in Germany and unsuccessfully tried to convince her to come with him, claiming to be able to protect her.

A year after it happened, Topi traveled to Africa to find information about the Lord Pearce Wachter company, its involvement in the village of Dumbara, and any information involving Manta.  He later tracked Manta down to San Vito, Italy, in an old LPW base.  She had already left with Matteo Spina, but left him a video with information on how to find her and an extended message in Finnish deliberately left untranslated by the series.  Three years after it happened, he successfully found Manta at the Godshand facility beneath the Vatican, but she was non-responsive and could not be brought out of whatever state she was in. Dr. Gurveer claimed that any functioning HPlus Implant within 50 meters was hacking their LPW Microchip Implants.  Their LPW implants, though superior technology, were shutting themselves off as a defense mechanism.  The LPW researchers, who had been implanted with their microchips for over ten years, were so dependent upon them that they went into severe withdrawl and eventually ceased normal bodily function.  Topi asked him to help Manta, but Dr. Gurveer claimed that only Vadish could help her.