Vadish, 1 year after it happened, as seen in Ep. 42: Temporary

 Vadish is the biological son of Conall and Breanna Sheehan, carried to term by Leena Param, acting as a surrogate mother.  The baby was born six months¹ after it happened, which interfered with the normal legal proceedings and change of custody of the child.  Rather than the Sheehans taking their child, Leena named him Vadish and she and her family cared for him.

8 months after it happened, Dr. Gurveer appeared and requested to take Vadish under the premise of uniting him with his biological parents.  However, the LPW R&D group headed by Francis Peters had displayed interest in the child for some time, wanting to take him to Godshand to perform some kind of test or research on him.  Though Leena's mother refused, Leena consented on the condition that Dr. Gurveer also take her.  While in Turkey, Dr. Gurveer abandoned Leena, and continued on to Godshand with Vadish.